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Brasso Duraglit Metal Polish Wadding 75g


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Brasso Wadding Polish quickly and gently removes tarnish from brass copper chrome stainless steel and pewter
Mr Sheen Polish 300ml


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Mr Sheen with Dust Trap Technology is proven to pick up more dust that using a cloth alone. The unique formula acts like 1000's of tiny magnets attracting hidden nasties with every spray
Elsan Blue 4 Litre Toilet Liquid


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Elsan Blue It is essential that a toilet fluid should kill harmful bacteria and germs to prevent them from multiplying. Elsan Blue's powerful anti-bacterial formula kills them on contact whilst eliminating unpleasant odours. Elsan Blue are the only fluids you can buy that exceed British Standards. That’s
Bourne Traffic Liquid Wax 5L


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Fast drying liquid wax polish Cleans and polishes in one action Suitable for wood and cork Case Maximum of 4 per order. Please contact us if a larger quantity is required.
Numatic Bags NVM-1CH


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Replacement pack of 10 NVM-1CH three layer�hepaflo fibre bags�for your�Henry Numatic vacuum cleaner.
Numatic Bags NVM-2B


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A Pack of 10 George bags. Code is 604102 NVM 2B-2Double Layer Dust Bags that fit any of the 370 range of machines from Numatic including the Henry PLUS Charles and George vacuums